cropped-facebookcover1.jpgforever7resh is the no. 1 destination for all things edgy and alternative in fashion. Rich with cutting edge visuals and diverse ideas, this blog promotes a dialogue about contemporary wisdom,  an exploration of youth culture, progressive ideas, new age-thought and post-modern beliefs.

Fashion is so much more than just the clothes we wear; it is the material expression of our ideas and culture, the accumulation of the creative spirit of a community. Fashion is alive and pulsates intensely in the digital world, changing shape and taking on different forms with every tweet and every hashtag.

forever7resh is the narrative of fashion, the conversation between our culture and our clothes. This blog decodes the logos behind our daily lives, uncovering the philosophy and thoughts in our clothing, music, politics, culture and art.

What’s on your mind? Join the conversation @forever7resh






111 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Bob,
    Thanks for dropping by and deciding to keep tabs with my ‘experiments’. Your blog is ineresting and you have some great pictures uploaded here. Keep blogging and stay blessed!

    • For traveler’s, think BAGGY and BLACK. When I travel, I use that rule. Baggy means any combination works fits your body. And black means everything matches. All black is both conservative and edgy. Black is all colors combined.

      Hope that helps :))

  2. Hi Bob! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! You seem to have a great eye for fashion, so i’m truly honored!:) I’m enjoying your blog and looking visiting frequently. Cheers

  3. If I haven’t stopped by to say thank you for following my work, I should have.

    You have an interesting blog as well. Fashion is our physical and visual interpretation of ourselves to share with our world. It is a fundamental expression of our unspoken inner selves. It’s also endlessly fun to play with. 🙂


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