The Shanghai Express

An interesting presentation of Chinese fashion, the fashion editorial comprises of 3 male models in stunningly structured traditional fashion. The styling and composition are striking and thought provoking. Even with authentic Chinese attire, the finely placed combinations make for an authentic fashion image–a truly fashion worthy shot

The brilliantly styled and colorful editorial expresses the rise of Chinese civilization. Traditional Chinese garments translate into contemporary high fashion without looking cheap and forced. I have seen many fashion shows with Chinese designers trying to fit into the international fashion frequency; it usually never works out and comes across cheesy and underwhelming. Some Chinese fashion designers, such as Alexander Wang and Jason Wu, can pick up on the international fashion language; however, there isn’t much to their work that contains authentic Chinese elements.

Fashion editors are picking up on the evolution of Chinese society. China is gaining a foothold on youth culture and their aesthetic has evolved into international high fashion, as seen in this editorial. Unlike mainstream Chinese fashion designers mentioned previously, this photograph showcases traditional Chinese fashion; though traditional garments are being used, the visual captures modernity.



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